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Kanji Details for 及

Strokes count

Strokes: 3



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reach out, exert, exercise, cause
  • キュウ
  • およ.ぶ
  • およ.び
  • および
  • およ.ぼす

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 及び

    and; as well as

  • 及ぶ

    to reach; to amount to; to befall; to happen to; to extend

    to be up to the task; to come up to

    to compare with; to be a match (for)

    to commit (a crime)

    to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)

  • 追及

    investigation (e.g. into someone's guilt); questioning; pressing; hounding; pinning down

    catching up; overtaking