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Kanji Details for 傾

Strokes count

Strokes: 13

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lean, incline, tilt, trend, wane, sink, ruin, bias
  • ケイ
  • かたむ.く
  • かたむ.ける
  • かたぶ.く
  • かた.げる
  • かし.げる

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 傾向

    tendency; trend; inclination

  • 傾ける

    to incline; to lean; to tip; to tilt; to slant; to bend; to list

    to devote oneself to; to concentrate on; to pour one's energy into

    to ruin; to squander; to empty

    to drink (alcohol)

  • 傾く

    to incline toward; to slant; to lurch; to heel over; to be disposed to; to trend toward; to be prone to

    to go down (sun); to wane; to sink; to decline