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Kanji Details for 固

Strokes count

Strokes: 8



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harden, set, clot, curdle
  • かた.める
  • かた.まる
  • かた.まり
  • かた.い

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 固める, 堅める

    to harden; to freeze; to strengthen; to solidify; to make (a fist); to tramp down (snow, dirt)

    to put together; to collect; to gather; to consolidate

    to make secure; to stabilize; to settle down; to strengthen (belief, resolution, etc.); to establish (evidence)

    to fortify; to reinforce; to support

    to wear for a specific purpose (armor, coat, etc.)

    to swear; to resolutely vow; to sincerely promise

    to tie tightly; to fasten

    to hold a bow fully drawn

  • 固まる

    to harden; to solidify

    to become firm; to become certain

    to gather (together); to assemble; to huddle together

  • 固定

    fixation; fixing (e.g. salary, capital)