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Kanji Details for 硬

Strokes count

Strokes: 12



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stiff, hard
  • コウ
  • かた.い

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 強硬

    firm; vigorous; unbending; unyielding; strong; stubborn

  • 硬い, 固い, 堅い, 緊い

    hard; solid; tough

    stiff; tight; wooden; unpolished (e.g. writing)

    strong; firm (not viscous or easily moved)

    safe; steady; honest; steadfast

    obstinate; stubborn

    bookish; formal; stuffy

  • 硬派

    tough elements; hard-liners; stalwarts; diehards; hawks

    considering association with women and interest in fashion as weakness and focusing on strength and manliness; young tough; young rowdy

    hard (news); hard news reporter

    strait-laced (person); straight-laced; overly serious regarding relations between men and women

    bullish traders