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と言うところ, と言う所

Kana Reading
というところ, とゆうところ
toiutokoro, toyūtokoro
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
    a state called; a position described as; can sum up as; approximates to
    Example sentence
    広島に口和というところがあります There's a place called Kuchiwa in Hiroshima.
  • Parts of speech
    places known as; that called
    Example sentence
    まだ、完了と言うところまで行っていないが、そこそこ成果出始めてきた It's not yet what you'd call finished but we're starting to get pretty good results.
  • Parts of speech
    the place named
    Example sentence
    それにしても幼稚園というところは、季節行事とても敏感です Even so, kindergartens are sensitive to seasonal events.

Examples of と言うところ, と言う所, というところ, とゆうところ in a sentence

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