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Meaning of 蝦夷(えぞ) in Japanese

Kana Reading
えぞ, えみし
ezo, emishi
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
    peoples formerly of northern Japan with distinct language and culture (i.e. the Ainu)
  • Parts of speech
    Yezo (northern part of Meiji-era Japan, esp. Hokkaido, but also Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands)

Kanji in this word

15 strokes

shrimp, prawn, lobster

On'Yomi: カ, ゲ

Kun'Yomi: えび

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6 strokes

barbarian, savage, Ainu

On'Yomi: イ

Kun'Yomi: えびす, えみし, ころ.す, たい.らげる

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