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Meaning of ブチ壊す(ブチこわす) in Japanese

ブチ壊す, 打ち壊す, 打壊す, 打ち毀す, ぶち壊す
Kana Reading
ブチこわす, うちこわす, ぶちこわす
buchikowasu, uchikowasu, buchikowasu
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    Godan verb with `su' ending, transitive verb
    to destroy; to spoil; to crush; to break by striking; to wreck
    Example sentence
    彼らこなごな打ち壊した They knocked the box to pieces.

Examples of ブチ壊す, 打ち壊す, 打壊す, 打ち毀す, ぶち壊す, ブチこわす, うちこわす, ぶちこわす in a sentence

Kanji in this word


16 strokes

demolition, break, destroy

On'Yomi: カイ, エ

Kun'Yomi: こわ.す, こわ.れる, やぶ.る

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5 strokes

strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen

On'Yomi: ダ, ダアス

Kun'Yomi: う.つ, う.ち-, ぶ.つ

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13 strokes

break, destroy, censure, be chipped, be scratched, be broken, be ruined

On'Yomi: キ

Kun'Yomi: こぼ.つ, こわ.す, こぼ.れる, こわ.れる, そし.る, やぶ.る

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