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沸き上がる, 湧き上がる, 湧き上る, わき上がる, 沸き上る, 涌き上る, 沸上がる

Kana Reading
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    Godan verb with `ru' ending, intransitive verb
    to boil up; to come to the boil; to seethe
    Example sentence
    野茂が打者おさえる観客がわきあがります。 It causes quite a sensation when Nomo pitches a no-hitter.
  • Parts of speech
    to arise; to break out
    Example sentence
    胸中愛国心が湧き上がるの感じた He felt patriotism rise in his breast.
  • Parts of speech
    to get excited; to be in uproar
    Example sentence
    地面からが沸き上がっている。 The water is welling up from the ground.

Examples of 沸き上がる, 湧き上がる, 湧き上る, わき上がる, 沸き上る, 涌き上る, 沸上がる, わきあがる in a sentence

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