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Meaning of 勿れ(なかれ) in Japanese

勿れ, 莫れ, 毋れ
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Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    must not; do not
    Example sentence
    物事中途半端するなかれ Don't leave things half done.

Examples of 勿れ, 莫れ, 毋れ, なかれ in a sentence

Kanji in this word

4 strokes

not, must not, do not, be not

On'Yomi: モチ, ブツ, ボツ

Kun'Yomi: なか.れ, なし

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4 strokes

do not, must not, be not, mother radical (no. 80)

On'Yomi: ブ, ム

Kun'Yomi: はは, ぼ, ない, なか.れ

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10 strokes

must not, do not, be not

On'Yomi: バク, ボ, マク, モ, ナイ

Kun'Yomi: くれ, なか.れ, なし

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