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Meaning of 鼻糞(はなくそ) in Japanese

鼻糞, 鼻屎, 鼻クソ
Kana Reading
はなくそ, はなクソ
hanakuso, hanakuso
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Examples of 鼻糞, 鼻屎, 鼻クソ, はなくそ, はなクソ in a sentence

Kanji in this word

17 strokes

shit, feces, excrement

On'Yomi: フン

Kun'Yomi: くそ

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14 strokes

nose, snout

On'Yomi: ビ

Kun'Yomi: はな

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9 strokes

shit, excrement

On'Yomi: シ, キ

Kun'Yomi: くそ

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