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とんでも無い, 飛んでもない

Kana Reading
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    noun or verb acting prenominally
    unthinkable; unexpected; outrageous; offensive
    Example sentence
    料理しますが、とんでもなく下手くそです I cook, but I'm really crap at it.
  • Parts of speech
    Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
    absolutely not!; not at all!; far from it!; impossible!; preposterous!; what a thing to say!; no way!; bullshit
    Example sentence
    山火事は、樹木燃えるだけ被害理解されていますが、実はとんでもない隠れキャラ」があります Mountain fires are thought of causing little harm with the only damage being the burning of trees and shrubs, but actually there's a hell of a 'hidden character'.
  • Parts of speech
    don't mention it; you're welcome
    Example sentence
    話すことはおろか、ささやくなんてとんでもないことです Don't whisper, let alone speak.

Examples of とんでも無い, 飛んでもない, とんでもない in a sentence

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