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  • JLPT 4

    10 strokes

    ill, sick

    On'Yomi: ビョウ, ヘイ

    Kun'Yomi: や.む, -や.み, やまい

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  • JLPT 1

    8 strokes

    join, get together, unite, collective

    On'Yomi: ヘイ

    Kun'Yomi: あわ.せる

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  • JLPT 2

    8 strokes

    row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal

    On'Yomi: ヘイ, ホウ

    Kun'Yomi: な.み, なら.べる, なら.ぶ, なら.びに

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