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  • 追う, 逐う
    JLPT 3
    Kana Reading
    Word Senses
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  • 追いつく, 追い付く, 追い着く, 追付く, 追着く, おい付く
    JLPT 3
    Kana Reading
    Word Senses
    • Parts of speech
      Godan verb with `ku' ending, intransitive verb
      to overtake; to catch up (with)
      Example sentence
      追いついた I caught up with you.
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  • 追加
    JLPT 2
    Kana Reading
    Word Senses
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28 kanji found
  • 16 strokes

    auger, drill, awl, pyramid, cone

    On'Yomi: スイ

    Kun'Yomi: きり

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  • JLPT 3

    9 strokes

    chase, drive away, follow, pursue, meanwhile

    On'Yomi: ツイ

    Kun'Yomi: お.う

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  • 8 strokes

    bird, old bird radical (no. 172)

    On'Yomi: サイ, スイ

    Kun'Yomi: とり

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