Katakana words

Some basic words, which we learned at my japanese class at the first few lessons. Nearly every Katakana can be matched with one of these words.

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ハンカチ, ハンケチ


Added: Feb 16th 2014 03:24 AM


tie, necktie

Added: Feb 12th 2014 02:10 AM



Added: Feb 12th 2014 02:08 AM

ルビー, ルビ

ruby, ruby character, small hiragana or katakana readings of kanji usually above or to the side of the kanji (esp. used by printers and in ref. to printed material), Ruby (programming language)

Added: Feb 12th 2014 02:07 AM

風信子, ふうしんし, ヒアシンス, ヒヤシンス


Added: Feb 12th 2014 02:07 AM

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