Minna no Nihongo: 1. lesson words

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宜しく, 宜敷く, 夜露死苦, よろしく

well, properly, suitably, best regards, please remember me, please treat me favorably (favourably), please take care of

Added: Feb 18th 2014 01:05 AM


please, kindly, by all means

Added: Feb 18th 2014 01:04 AM

初めまして, 始めまして, はじめまして

How do you do?, I am glad to meet you

Added: Feb 18th 2014 01:02 AM

何歳, 何才, なんさい

how old?, what age?

Added: Feb 18th 2014 01:01 AM

歳, 才, さい

-years-old, ability, gift, talent, aptitude, genius

Added: Feb 18th 2014 01:01 AM

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