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Most Recently Added Words

戯け, 白痴, たわけ

tomfoolery, foolish act, nonsense, fool, idiot

Added: Jul 26th 2017 01:13 PM

千万, せんばん, ちよろず

exceedingly, very many, very much, indeed, a great many

Added: Jul 26th 2017 01:12 PM

不届き, ふとどき

rude, insolent, nefarious

Added: Jul 26th 2017 01:11 PM

嗅ぎ回る, かぎ回る, かぎまわる

to sniff around (looking for)

Added: Jul 26th 2017 01:09 PM

酒匠, さかしょう

master of sake, sake sommelier

Added: Jul 23rd 2017 06:41 AM

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Most Recently Added Kanji

ショウ, たくみ

artisan, workman, carpenter

Added: Jul 23rd 2017 06:40 AM

チョウ, る, -はり, -ば

lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments, stretch, spread, put up (tent)

Added: Jul 18th 2017 04:10 PM

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