Asking for Directions Vocabulary


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地下鉄, ちかてつ

underground train, subway

Added: May 1st 2018 04:21 AM

飛び, とび

flying, leaping, flight, leap, (when reading a number aloud) naught, zero, oh, flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo)

Added: May 1st 2018 04:21 AM

海, うみ, み, わた, わだ

sea, beach

Added: May 1st 2018 04:21 AM

船, 舟, 槽, ふね

ship, boat, watercraft, vessel, steamship, tank, tub, vat, trough, counter for boat-shaped containers (e.g. of sashimi)

Added: May 1st 2018 04:20 AM

電車, でんしゃ

(electric) train

Added: May 1st 2018 04:19 AM

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