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芋, 薯, 藷, いも

tuber, taro, potato, yokel, bumpkin

Added: Aug 24th 2019 02:48 PM

じゃが芋, ジャガ芋, 馬鈴薯, じゃがいも, ジャガいも, ジャガイモ, ばれいしょ

potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Added: Aug 24th 2019 02:47 PM

卵黄, らんおう

egg yolk

Added: Aug 21st 2019 06:02 PM


leek (edible plant, Allium porrum)

Added: Aug 9th 2019 05:11 PM

白葱, しろねぎ

white spring onion, white scallion

Added: Aug 9th 2019 05:10 PM

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