Food and Drink Vocabulary

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甘い, あまい

sweet, delicious, fragrant (smelling), sweet (music), lightly salted, naive, overly optimistic, soft on, generous, indulgent, easy-going, half-hearted, not finished properly, tempting (e.g. words), promising

Added: Jul 9th 2020 12:12 PM

料理, りょうり

cooking, cookery, cuisine, dealing with something, handling, administration, management

Added: Jul 9th 2020 11:32 AM

辛口, からくち

dry taste (e.g. sake, wine), salty (taste), harsh, scathing

Added: Jul 9th 2020 11:14 AM

中辛, ちゅうから, ちゅうがら


Added: Jul 9th 2020 11:13 AM

甘口, あまくち

sweet flavour, sweet flavor, mildness, flattery, stupidity

Added: Jul 9th 2020 11:13 AM

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Most Recently Added Kanji

カン, あまい, あまえる, あまやかす, うま

sweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary

Added: Jul 9th 2020 12:12 PM

シ, ける, かる, -づけ, -づけ

pickling, soak, moisten, steep

Added: Jul 9th 2020 11:05 AM

ヨウ, げる, -あげ, がる

hoist, fry in deep fat

Added: Jul 9th 2020 09:39 AM

ボウ, ホウ


Added: Jul 9th 2020 09:01 AM

ジュン, シュン, イン, たけのこ, たかんな

bamboo shoot

Added: Jul 6th 2020 10:15 AM

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