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Nihongo master introductory

Most Recently Added Words

首, 頸, 頚, くび, クビ

neck, head, unemployed person

Added: Jan 12th 2023 11:09 PM

程, ほど

degree, extent, bounds, limit, indicates approx. amount or maximum, upper limit

Added: Jan 12th 2023 01:51 AM

骨, ほね

bone, frame, outline, core, backbone, spirit, fortitude, laborious, troublesome, difficult

Added: Jan 12th 2023 01:49 AM

下手, へた

unskillful, poor, awkward, imprudent, untactful

Added: Jan 12th 2023 01:49 AM

人, ひと

man, person, human being, mankind, people, character, personality, man of talent, true man, other people, adult

Added: Jan 12th 2023 01:46 AM

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Most Recently Added Kanji

カイ, エ, う, わせる, あつまる

meeting, meet, party, association, interview, join

Added: Jan 11th 2023 06:51 PM

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