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Character Definition

キョ, コ,

foothold, based on, follow, therefore


suck, imbibe, inhale, sip

ケイ, かた, -がた

mould, type, model


punish, penalty, sentence, punishment

キ, はた

mechanism, opportunity, occasion, machine, airplane

カイ, かせ

contraption, fetter, machine, instrument

カイ, いましめる


カイ, ケイ, ける, -かける, け, -かけ, -がけ, かる, -かかる, -がかる, かり, -がかり, かかり, -がかり

hang, suspend, depend, arrive at, tax, pour

ケイ, かかげる

put up (a notice), put up, hoist, display, hang out, publish, describe

セツ, ショウ,

touch, contact, adjoin, piece together

ソウ, サン, みさお, あやつ

maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity

ユウ, また, また-, またの-

or again, furthermore, on the other hand

ビョウ, えがく,

sketch, compose, write, draw, paint

タン, かつぐ, にな

shouldering, carry, raise, bear

シュウ, ジュウ, ひろ

pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten

ソン, そこなう, そこなう, -そこなう, そこねる, -そこねる

damage, loss, disadvantage, hurt, injure

ジョウ, たけ, だけ

length, 10feet, measure, Mr., Ms., height, stature, all (one has), only, that's all, merely

history, chronicle

officer, an official

コウ, さら, さらに, ける, かす

grow late, night watch, sit up late, of course