Week 21: Joyo Kanji Challenge

Taylor A.
Updated 6 years ago

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This marks the end off the 3rd Grade!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Character Definition

ヨウ, ひ

sunshine, yang principle, positive, male, heaven, daytime

ブ, -べ

section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine

フ, ブ

negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy

ビ, はな

nose, snout



カン, やかた, たて

building, mansion, large building, palace

イン, オン, む, -の

drink, smoke, take


topic, subject

メン, ベン, おも, おもて, つら

mask, face, features, surface

シュウ, あつまる, あつめる, つど

gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock

カイ, きざはし

storey, stair, counter for storeys of a building

ユウ, ユ, あそぶ, あそばす



Inst., institution, temple, mansion, school

カイ, ひらく, ひらき, -びらき, ひらける, く, ける

open, unfold, unseal

ギン, しろがね


テツ, くろがね


ジュウ, チョウ, え, おもい, おもり, おもなう, かさねる, かさなる, おも

heavy, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold

シュ, さけ, さか-

sake, alcohol

ハイ, くば

distribute, spouse, exile, rationing

ト, ツ, みやこ

metropolis, capital