Week 39: Joyo Kanji Challenge

Taylor A.
Updated 5 years ago

From "Trade" to "Occasion"

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Character Definition

カ, ぎる, -すぎる, -すぎ, ごす, あやまつ, あやまち, ぎる

overdo, exceed, go beyond, error

assets, resources, capital, funds, data, be conducive to, contribute to

サイ, きわ, -ぎわ

occasion, side, edge, verge, dangerous, adventurous, indecent, time, when

ケン, けわしい

precipitous, inaccessible place, impregnable position, steep place, sharp eyes

ゲン, かぎる, かぎり, -かぎ

limit, restrict, to best of ability

ボウ, ふせ

ward off, defend, protect, resist

セン, ゼン, ぜに, すき

coin, .01 yen, money

ドウ, あかがね


コウ, あらがね

mineral, ore


acid, bitterness, sour, tart

テキ, かな

suitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable



trade, exchange

ゾウ, つくる, つくり, -づく

create, make, structure, physique

ギャク, ゲキ, さか, さかさ, さからう

inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked


タイ, しりぞく, しりぞける, く, く, ける,

retreat, withdraw, retire, resign, repel, expel, reject

メイ, まよ

astray, be perplexed, in doubt, lost, err, illusion

ジュツ, べる

mention, state, speak, relate

ユ, シュ

transport, send, be inferior

シツ, シチ, チ, たち, ただす, もと, わりふ

substance, quality, matter, temperament

サン, たすける, たたえる

approve, praise, title or inscription on picture, assist, agree with