Week 41: Joyo Kanji Challenge

Taylor A.
Updated 1 year ago

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From "Create" to "Filial Piety"

Character Definition

ソウ, ショウ, つくる, はじめる, きず, けずしける

genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate

コン, こま

quandary, become distressed, annoyed

スイ, れる, らす, れ, -たれ, なんなんと

droop, suspend, hang, slouch

ジョウ, しろ



range, region, limits, stage, level

ソウ, かなでる

play music, speak to a ruler, complete

フン, ふる

stirred up, be invigorated, flourish


シ, すがた

figure, form, shape

ソン, ゾン

suppose, be aware of, believe, feel

ゼン, い, い, く, よしとする

virtuous, good, goodness


call, call out to, invite


suck, imbibe, inhale, sip


drama, play

キン, ゴン, つとめる, -づとめ, つとまる, いそしむ

diligence, become employed, serve

キ, あぶない, あやうい, あやぶむ

dangerous, fear, uneasy

ラン, たまご

egg, ovum, spawn, roe

ゲン, ゴン, おごそか, きびしい, いかめしい, いつくし

stern, strictness, severity, rigidity

シュウ, おさめる, おさまる

income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store

コウ, ゴ, きさき

empress, queen, after, behind, back, later

ヒ, いな, いや

negate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny