Mother Nature!

Updated 3 years ago

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It's good to spend time in the midst of Mother Nature! It's also good to spend time in the middle of kanji related to Mother Nature, isn't it?

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Character Definition

フウ, フ, かぜ, かざ-, -かぜ

wind, air, style, manner

チョウ, とり

bird, chicken

カ, うた, うた

song, sing

チ, ジ

ground, earth

ギュウ, うし


コウ, ひかる, ひかり

ray, light

チ, いけ

pond, cistern, pool, reservoir

エイ, うつる, うつす, える, -ば

reflect, reflection, projection

ガ, カク, エ, カイ, えがく, かくする, かぎる, はかりごと, はか

brush-stroke, picture

ケイ, はかる, はからう

plot, plan, scheme, measure