Let's learn 20 new Kanji! for N3! (2)

Updated 1 year ago

In this lesson, you will learn 20 kanji. Let's continue to prepare for the JLPT N3 exam!!

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Character Definition

ヨウ, る, かなめ

need, main point, essence, pivot, key to

ク, くるしい, -ぐるしい, くるしむ, くるしめる, にがい, にが

suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl

リュウ, ル, ながれる, ながれ, ながす, -なが

current, a sink, flow, forfeit

ロウ, ろうする, いたわる, いたずき, ねぎら, つかれる, ねぎら

labor, thank for, reward for, toil, trouble

イ, えら

admirable, greatness, remarkable, conceited, famous, excellent

サン, シン, まいる, まい-, まじわる, みつ

nonplussed, three, going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love

カン, る, しめ

outlook, look, appearance, condition, view

ホウ, むくいる

report, news, reward, retribution

キン, ゴン, つとめる, -づとめ, つとまる, いそしむ

diligence, become employed, serve

コウ, まじわる, まじえる, じる, まじる, ざる, ぜる, -かう, わす, かわす, こもごも

mingle, mixing, association, coming & going

ジョウ, セイ, なさ

feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts

ヨウ, ショウ, さま, さん

Esq., way, manner, situation, polite suffix

ギ, うたが

doubt, distrust, be suspicious, question

ゼン, ネン, しか, しかり, しかし, さ

sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well

カ, たす, はたす, -はたす, てる, -はてる,

fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed

フ, あまねく, あまねし

universal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia

イン, しるし, -じるし, しる

stamp, seal, mark, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, India

サツ, る, -ずり, -ずり,

printing, print


marketing, sell, trade

エイ, ヨウ, さかえる, え, -ばえ, える, え

flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor