Why did you decide to learn Japanese?

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I'm learning a lot of languages mainly because to explore different cultures, meet new people, see how their language is dfifferent from other grammar structures and how they write their words, and of course to open up new job opportunities. I saw an ad for nihongomaster and I just had to take the advantage. Youtube videos aren't really working for me and reading books doesn't take me anywhere, so this site is a big help.


Posted 2 years ago

I once met some Japanese people and picked up some Japanese from them, so I decided to learn it more, plus it's fun. 

I don't think I will ever use Japanese, or ever go to Japan, however.

Posted 2 years ago

I like learning Japanese because I love watching anime with my husband (he is American) and when I went to Japan I LOVED it and want to visit again soon, or maybe move there! 

Taylor A.
Posted 2 years ago

I want to visit Japan when I'm older and I only know how to say hello in Japanese.

Posted 2 years ago

I'm currently learning japanese, but my learning program doesn't include reading or writing the language. I already knew about Nihongo Master from a friend, so I thought it could help me learn to read and write japanese. I'm hoping I'll be able to read well enough to read novels and things like that. 

Posted 2 years ago


I was at a week long training for work on a system I am intimately familar with. I pulled up "learn Hiragana" to stay awake and it just went from there.

Posted 2 years ago


I want to experience Japan culture and their land. I also want to able to get around without getting lost for the Olympics in 3 years time.!

Posted 2 years ago


I got into Vocaloid about 3 years ago and really liked the language and decided to try and learn it, despite learning German at the same time. VL

Posted 2 years ago

i got interested in Japanese through anime then discovering the culture made me fall in love. i want to visit japan someday.

Posted 2 years ago

I've always been interested in Japan and needed a great self-study tool since it isn't offered at my school. One year later and still going strong with this website! Now I don't even particularly want to reach fluency, I'm just having fun with the language

Posted 1 year ago