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Kanji Details for 渋

Strokes count

Strokes: 11



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astringent, hesitate, reluctant, have diarrhea
  • ジュウ
  • シュウ
  • しぶ
  • しぶ.い
  • しぶ.る

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 渋滞

    congestion (e.g. traffic); delay; stagnation

  • 渋る

    to hesitate; to hold back; to balk; to falter

    to be reluctant; to be unwilling; to begrudge

    to have loose painful bowel movement; to suffer from tenesmus

  • 渋い, 澁い

    astringent; bitter; puckery; rough; harsh; tart

    austere; elegant (and unobtrusive); refined; quiet (and simple); sober; sombre; subdued; tasteful (in a quiet way); understated

    sour (look); glum; grim; sullen; sulky

    stingy; tight-fisted