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Kanji Details for 跳

Strokes count

Strokes: 13



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hop, leap up, spring, jerk, prance, buck, splash, sputter, snap
  • チョウ
  • は.ねる
  • と.ぶ
  • -と.び

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 跳ぶ, 飛ぶ, 翔ぶ

    to jump; to leap; to spring; to bound; to hop

    to fly; to soar

  • 飛び出す, 飛出す, 跳び出す

    to jump out; to rush out; to fly out

    to appear (suddenly)

    to protrude; to project

    to butt in

  • 跳ねる

    to jump; to leap; to prance; to spring up; to bound; to hop

    to break up; to close; to come to an end

    to hit (e.g. to have a car hit something or someone)