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Kanji Details for 解

Strokes count

Strokes: 13



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unravel, notes, key, explanation, understanding, untie, undo, solve, answer, cancel, absolve, explain, minute
  • カイ
  • と.く
  • と.かす
  • と.ける
  • ほど.く
  • ほど.ける
  • わか.る
  • さと.る

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 分かる, 解る, 判る, 分る

    to be understood; to be comprehended; to be grasped

    to become clear; to be known; to be discovered; to be realized; to be realised; to be found out

  • 解決

    settlement; solution; resolution

  • 理解

    understanding; comprehension; appreciation; sympathy