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Kanji Details for 込

Strokes count

Strokes: 5



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crowded, mixture, in bulk, included, (kokuji)
  • -こ.む
  • こ.む
  • こ.み
  • -こ.み
  • こ.める

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 盛り込む

    to incorporate; to include

  • 込む, 混む, 籠む, 篭む

    to be crowded; to be packed

    to be complex

    to go into; to put into; to remain (seated); to be plunged into (silence); to do thoroughly

    to do intently

    to continue in the same state

  • 見込み, 見込

    hope; promise; possibility; chance; probability; likelihood

    expectation; anticipation; forecast; estimate

    side of a structural member