Japanese Dictionary

Meaning of これ位(これくらい) in Japanese

これ位, 此れ位, 是位
Kana Reading
これくらい, これぐらい
korekurai, koregurai
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    noun (common) (futsuumeishi), adverb (fukushi)
    this much; this amount
    Example sentence
    及第点よ。これぐらい大したことない It's passable. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Examples of これ位, 此れ位, 是位, これくらい, これぐらい in a sentence

Kanji in this word

6 strokes

this, current, next, coming, last, past

On'Yomi: シ

Kun'Yomi: これ, この, ここ

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9 strokes

just so, this, right, justice

On'Yomi: ゼ, シ

Kun'Yomi: これ, この, ここ

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7 strokes

rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some

On'Yomi: イ

Kun'Yomi: くらい, ぐらい

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