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そろそろ, そろっと

sorosoro, sorotto
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    adverb (fukushi), adverb taking the `to' particle
    slowly; quietly; steadily; gradually; gingerly
    Example sentence
    あのりんさん・・・、そろそろお開きしません?」「駄目勝ち逃げ禁止今度こそボク勝つの!」 Er, Karin ..., shouldn't we call it a night soon? "No! No quitting while ahead! Next time I'll win for sure!"
  • Parts of speech
    adverb (fukushi)
    soon; momentarily; before long; any time now
    Example sentence
    そろそろお開きしよかー Well, shall we call it a day?

Examples of , そろそろ, そろっと in a sentence

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