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Meaning of 一つずつ(ひとつずつ) in Japanese

一つずつ, 一つづつ, 一つ宛
Kana Reading
ひとつずつ, ひとつづつ
hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    adverb (fukushi), nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no'
    one by one; one each; one at a time
    Example sentence
    彼女ケーキ6つにきり、それぞれ子供1つずつあげた She cut the cake into six pieces and gave one to each of the children.

Examples of 一つずつ, 一つづつ, 一つ宛, ひとつずつ, ひとつづつ in a sentence

Kanji in this word


1 stroke

one, one radical (no.1)

On'Yomi: イチ, イツ

Kun'Yomi: ひと-, ひと.つ

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8 strokes

address, just like, fortunately

On'Yomi: エン

Kun'Yomi: あ.てる, -あて, -づつ, あたか.も

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