Palavras que apreendi na rua e aulas privadas em Osaka

Random phrases I learnt in the streets in Osaka

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多用, たよう

busyness, a lot of things to do, frequent use, heavy use (of), many uses

Added: Feb 22nd 2019 02:49 AM

目線, めせん

one's gaze, from the point of view of

Added: Feb 22nd 2019 02:36 AM

人種主義, じんしゅしゅぎ


Added: Feb 21st 2019 03:51 AM

人種差別主義者, じんしゅさべつしゅぎしゃ


Added: Feb 21st 2019 03:50 AM

揉める, もめる

to disagree, to dispute

Added: Feb 21st 2019 01:05 AM

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Most Recently Added Kanji

ボウ, それがし, なにがし

so-and-so, one, a certain, that person

Added: Feb 18th 2019 05:20 AM


subscription, buy

Added: Dec 10th 2018 12:51 AM

ザイ, スイ, セイ, かる, けず

dose, medicine, drug

Added: Nov 29th 2018 04:25 AM

ショウ, ジョウ, うけたまわる, ける, ささげる, とどめる, たすける, らす, ついで, すく

acquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive

Added: Aug 3rd 2017 08:02 AM


wandering, waves, billows

Added: Mar 1st 2017 02:32 AM

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