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弟妹, ていまい

younger brother and sister

Added: Jul 30th 2019 05:50 PM

兄弟分, きょうだいぶん

buddy, pal, sworn brother

Added: Jul 30th 2019 05:49 PM

子弟, してい

young(er) people

Added: Jul 30th 2019 05:48 PM

弟子, でし, ていし

pupil, disciple, adherent, follower, apprentice, young person, teacher's student-helper

Added: Jul 30th 2019 05:47 PM

お兄さん, 御兄さん, おにいさん

older brother, elder brother, (vocative) young man, buddy, fella, laddie

Added: Jul 30th 2019 05:46 PM

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