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    • 仕様(しよう)()
    • 仕様(しよう)がない
    • しょうが()
    • しようがない
    • しょうがない
    Added 3 years ago

    Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), adjective (keiyoushi)

    it can't be helped; it is inevitable; nothing can be done

    • (しか)
    • 併し
    • しかし
    Added 3 years ago


    however; but

    • さて
    Added 3 years ago

    conjunction, interjection (kandoushi)

    well; now; then

    • (すなわ)
    • (のり)
    • (すなわ)
    • すなわち
    Added 3 years ago

    adverb (fukushi), conjunction

    that is; namely; i.e.

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