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Character Definition


board, load (a vehicle), ride

テイ, チョウ, ダイ, げる

propose, take along, carry in hand


kidnap, falsify

シャ, てる

discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject, sacrifice

コウ, かかわる

arrest, seize, concerned, adhere to, despite

ダ, ダアス, つ, ち-,

strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen

ハク, ヒョウ

clap, beat (music)

タク, ひら

clear (the land), open, break up (land)

criticism, strike

コウ, あらが

confront, resist, defy, oppose


extract, selection, summary, copy, spread thin

マ, する, する,

chafe, rub, polish, grind, scrape

ホウ, く, いだく, かかえる

embrace, hug, hold in arms

ギ, キ, いけにえ


テン, える, う, える,

annexed, accompany, marry, suit, meet, satisfy, attach, append, garnish, imitate

サン, テン, かいこ, こ


トウ, こおる, こごえる, こごる, てる, みる

frozen, congeal, refrigerate

righteousness, justice, morality, honor, loyalty, meaning

ヒツ, かなら

invariably, certain, inevitable

ガ, われ, わ, が-, わが-

ego, I, selfish, our, oneself