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Character Definition

ユ, ユウ, あぶら

oil, fat

ザン, しばら

temporarily, a while, moment, long time

ソウ, す, はさ

insert, put in, graft, wear (sword)

コウ, みさき

headland, cape, spit, promontory

オウ, す, し-, っ-, さえる, おさえる

push, stop, check, subdue, attach, seize, weight, shove, press, seal, do in spite of

コウ, カン, カ, きのえ

armor, high (voice), A grade, first class, former, instep, carapace


axis, pivot, stem, stalk, counter for book scrolls

テキ, ふえ

flute, clarinet, pipe, whistle, bagpipe, piccolo

カイ, とどける, -とどけ, とど

deliver, reach, arrive, report, notify, forward


mid-air, air, space, sky, memorization, interval of time

シュウ, そで

sleeve, wing (building), extension, give cold shoulder

イ, なぐさめる, なぐさ

consolation, amusement, seduce, cheer, make sport of, comfort, console

チュウ, ひき-

pluck, pull, extract, excel

ユ, ユウ, ユイ, よし,

wherefore, a reason


guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand

サイ, まつる, まつり, まつり

ritual, offer prayers, celebrate, deify, enshrine, worship

スウ, あがめる

adore, respect, revere, worship

シュウ, ソウ, むね

religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence

キン, えり

collar, neck, lapel


prohibition, ban, forbid