Practice Sheet

Week 24: Joyo Kanji Challenge

From "History" to "Perfect"

Character Definition

history, chronicle

シ, つかさど

director, official, govt office, rule, administer

カク, おのおの

each, every, either

コク, げる

revelation, tell, inform, announce

シュウ, まわ

circumference, circuit, lap

ショウ, となえる

chant, recite, call upon, yell

キ, よろこぶ, よろこばす

rejoice, take pleasure in

キ, うつわ

utensil, vessel, receptacle, implement, instrument, ability, container, tool, set

イ, かこむ, かこう, かこ

surround, besiege, store, paling, enclosure, encircle, preserve, keep

コ, かためる, かたまる, かたまり, かた

harden, set, clot, curdle

ケイ, かた, -がた

mould, type, model


public chamber, hall

エン, しお


シ, さむらい

gentleman, samurai, samurai radical (no. 33)

ヘン, わる, わり, える

unusual, change, strange

フ, フウ, ブ, おっと, それ

husband, man

シツ, うしなう, せる

lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss

コウ, このむ, く, い,

fond, pleasing, like something


ソン, まご

grandchild, descendants


perfect, completion, end

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