Practice Sheet

Week 27: Joyo Kanji Challenge

From "Contraption" to "Lamp"

Character Definition

カイ, かせ

contraption, fetter, machine, instrument

キョク, ゴク, きわめる, きわまる, きわまり, きわみ, める, -ぎめ, まる

poles, settlement, conclusion, end, highest rank, electric poles, very, extremely, most, highly, 10**48

ヒョウ, しるべ, しるし

signpost, seal, mark, stamp, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, target

キ, はた

mechanism, opportunity, occasion, machine, airplane

ケツ, ケン, ける,

lack, gap, fail, yawning radical (no. 76)

レキ, レッキ

curriculum, continuation, passage of time

ザン, サン, のこる, のこす, そこなう, のこ

remainder, leftover, balance

サツ, サイ, セツ, ころす, -ごろし,

kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil


poison, virus, venom, germ, harm, injury, spite

シ, うじ, -うじ

family name, surname, clan

ミン, たみ

people, nation, subjects

キュウ, グ, もとめる

request, want, wish for, require, demand

ジ, チ, おさめる, おさまる, なおる, なお

reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve

ホウ, ハッ, ホッ, フラン, のり

method, law, rule, principle, model, system


cry, weep, moan

セン, あさ

shallow, superficial, frivolous, wretched, shameful

ヨク, びる, びせる

bathe, be favored with, bask in

セイ, ショウ, シン, きよい, きよまる, きよめる

pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu dynasty

マン, バン, ちる, つ, たす

full, fullness, enough, satisfy

ギョ, リョウ, あさ

fishing, fishery

トウ, ひ, ほ-, ともしび, ともす, あかり

lamp, a light, light, counter for lights

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