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一つ, 1つ, 一, ひとつ

  • hitotsu



  • one


noun (common) (futsuumeishi)

  • for one thing (often used in itemized lists)


  • (after a noun) only


  • (with a verb in negative form) (not) even


adverbial noun (fukushitekimeishi)

  • just (i.e. "just try it")

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Examples of 一つ,1つ,一,ひとつ in a Sentence

1つが通り過ぎた思うと、すぐに台風接近する No sooner has one typhoon passed than the next one approaches.
一つには、それにまたある For one thing, I am poor; for another I am busy.
知らせ聞いてまゆ一つ動かさなかった。 He did not even turn a hair at the news of his wife's death.
日本世界経済大国1つ数えられる Japan ranks among the economic powers of the world.
アドラステアは木星の39衛星うち一つ木星から2番目近い衛星す。 Adrastea is one of the 39 satellites of Jupiter and is the second closest to Jupiter itself.
マッチ箱ひとつと、通った取り出します Take out a matchbox and a needle and thread.
彼女聞いてもらうためにこの選挙長いつくった百万同様すが、一つ違います、アン・ニクソン・クーパーさんは106歳す。 She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.
言葉コミュニケーションひとつ手段である Language is a means of communication.
ロンドン世界最大都市のひとつである London is among the largest cities in the world.
指輪一つと、現金ドルなくなっています A ring and some cash are missing.
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