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学業, がくぎょう

  • gakugyō


noun (common) (futsuumeishi)

  • studies
  • schoolwork
  • classwork

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Examples of 学業,がくぎょう in a Sentence

スポーツかまけて学業怠る学生いる Some students neglect their studies in favor of sports.
病気のために学業あきらめた Illness made him give up his studies.
学業専心できない He is unable to concentrate on his academic work.
ただし学生本分学業ですから期末テストおろそかにしたらメッですよ? However, the duty of a student is to study. So if you neglect the end of term test, that's a "no!".
大学学業りっぱやっている He is doing well in his college work.
病気のため学業あきらめた Illness made him give up his studies.
学業おろそかにするなんてばか It is silly of you to neglect your studies.
奨学金もらえたおかげで学業続けること出来た The scholarship made it possible for him to continue his education.
しかしアメリカふつうスポーツチーム選ばれ学業コース学力によって選ばれます。 However, in America, sports teams are generally chosen by skill, and academic courses by ability.
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