Definition of 煽

  • fan
  • flap
  • instigate
  • agitate
  • bolster up
  • gulp down


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • セン
  • あお
  • おだてる
  • おこ

Popular Words With This Kanji

煽る, あおる

to fan, to agitate, to stir up

煽り, あおり

gust (of wind), influence, instigating, tailgating, low angle (photo or drawing)

扇動, 煽動, せんどう

incitement, sedition, agitation, abetting

煽てる, おだてる

to flatter, to soft-soap, to instigate, to stir up

煽て, おだて

instigation, flattery

扇ぐ, 煽ぐ, あおぐ

to fan, to incite, to instigate

教唆扇動, 教唆煽動, きょうさせんどう

instigation and abetment

買いあおる, 買い煽る, かいあおる

to bid up, to corner the market

煽り立てる, あおり立てる, あおりたてる

to flap strongly, to stir up fiercely

煽情的, 扇情的, せんじょうてき

inflammatory, lascivious, sensational

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