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Character Definition



スウ, ス, サク, ソク, シュ, かず, かぞえる, しばしば, める, わずらわしい

number, strength, fate, law, figures

ロウ, たかどの

watchtower, lookout, high building

ルイ, たぐ

sort, kind, variety, class, genus

シツ, うるし

lacquer, varnish, seven

キュウ, グ, もとめる

request, want, wish for, require, demand

キュウ, たま

ball, sphere

キュウ, すく

salvation, save, help, rescue, reclaim

チク, たけ


キン, すじ

muscle, sinew, tendon, fiber, plot, plan, descent

ソウ, はこ

box, chest, case, bin, railway car

ヒツ, ふで

writing brush, writing, painting brush, handwriting

トウ, つつ

cylinder, pipe, tube, gun barrel, sleeve

トウ, ひとしい, など, -ら

etc., and so forth, class (first), quality, equal, similar

サン, そろ

calculate, divining, number, abacus, probability


scheme, plan, policy, step, means


register, record book

チク, きず

fabricate, build, construct

ユウ, ウ, たすける

help, assist

タン, ただ

however, but

イ, くらい, ぐらい

rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some

チュウ, なか

go-between, relationship


permanence, distant, long time, leisure

ケン, くだん

affair, case, matter, item

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