Definition of 惟

  • consider
  • reflect
  • think


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ユイ
  • おもんみる
  • これ
  • おもうに

Popular Words With This Kanji

此れ, 是, 是れ, 之, 之れ, 維, 惟, これ

this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic), this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group), now, here, I (me), certainly

思う, 想う, 念う, 憶う, 懐う, 惟う, おもう

to think, to consider, to believe, to think (of doing), to plan (to do), to judge, to assess, to regard, to imagine, to suppose, to dream, to expect, to look forward to, to feel, to desire, to want, to recall, to remember

思い見る, 惟る, 惟みる, おもいみる, おもんみる

to reflect carefully

思い見る, 惟る, 惟みる, おもいみる, おもんみる

to reflect carefully

思惟, しい, しゆい

thought, thinking, speculation, using wisdom to get to the bottom of things, focusing one's mind, deep contemplation, concentrating, deliberating, pondering, reflecting

半跏思惟像, はんかしいぞう

Buddhist statue of a figure sitting contemplatively in the half-lotus position (often of Maitreya)

惟神の道, 随神の道, かんながらのみち, かむながらのみち

the way of the gods

思うに, 惟うに, おもうに

presumably, conceivably, in my opinion, in my view, I think (that), upon thought, upon reflection

惟神, 随神, かんながら, かむながら, かみながら

as a god, as was done in the age of the gods

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