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福岡, ふくおか

  • fukuoka


noun (common) (futsuumeishi)

  • Fukuoka (city)

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Examples of 福岡,ふくおか in a Sentence

は10福岡訪れた I visited Fukuoka ten years ago.
福岡小さな持っています My father owns a small business in Fukuoka.
僕ら大学校舎は、福岡北部山腹建築中です Our university building is now under construction on a hillside in the north of Fukuoka.
48歳の川勝良一監督ことし6月福岡引き継いが、46歳の松田監督とは因縁浅からぬ関係 The 48-year-old Ryouichi Kawakatsu took over as coach at Fukuoka in June this year, but his fate is closely linked with that of 46-year-old Matsuda.
九州福岡生まれです I'm from Fukuoka in Kyushu.
福岡好きなタイプのまさに典型です Fukuoka is very typical of the kind of town I like.
日曜日福岡マラソン行われた The Fukuoka Marathon was held on Sunday.
1人福岡住んでいて残り新潟住んでいます One lives in Fukuoka, and the others live in Niigata.
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