Definition of 綺

  • figured cloth
  • beautiful


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • あや

Popular Words With This Kanji

奇麗, 綺麗, きれい

pretty, lovely, beautiful, fair, clean, clear, pure, tidy, neat, completely, entirely

煌びやか, 綺羅びやか, きらびやか

gorgeous, gaudy, dazzling, gay

奇談, 綺談, きだん

romantic story, colorful story, colourful story, highly embellished story

綺羅, きら

fine clothes

綾綺殿, りょうきでん

pavilion housing the emperor's bathing quarters and dressing chamber (in Heian Palace)

綺想曲, きそうきょく

capriccio, lively musical composition

綺羅星, 煌星, きらぼし

glittering stars

狂言綺語, きょうげんきご

(a derogatory term for) fiction (lit: make-believe and fancy talk), story, novel

綺麗好き, きれいずき

tidy (of people), neat, liking cleanliness

小奇麗, 小綺麗, 小ぎれい, こぎれい

neat, trim, tidy, pretty

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