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Introduce Yourself Here!

Posted by Taylor 7 years ago

Posted 6 years ago

Konnichiwa minna! My internet friends call me Kanari. I'm 22 years old and I just started learning Japanese today through this site. I'm a Filipino. I love watching anime and reading manga.

I hope we can get along (^__^)

Anjirika Jinjin

Posted 6 years ago



Posted 6 years ago

Konichiwa watashi no namae wa Nico desu, Yoroshiko Onigaishimasu


Posted 6 years ago

Konnichiwa!! Ore wa Jikko desu.. Cebu shi no Firipin kara.. Nihon-go wo oshiete kudasai... Doumo arigatou :)


Posted 6 years ago


My name is Żaneta. I'm a 21 years old university student from Poland. I'm starting as a manga & anime fan long time ago. I'm study japanese in university, but I also want to learn much more on my own. I find this page quite interesting from the start and I'm sure it'II be so much fun learning in here :D

どうぞよろしくおねがいします ^-^

Chiarah Marie

Posted 6 years ago

:) chiarah here.. been self studying nihongo so far.. feel inlove with nihonggo because I love anime, jpop and i plan to visit Japan one day!!!


Posted 6 years ago

Hi. My name's Shernel. I've always been wanting to learn Japanese and this site was the answer my prayers. Nice to meet you all! :)


Posted 6 years ago

hello to all of you. renchen here from philippines, just a newbie here and this is really useful for such begginners. I'm very fan of anime thats why i want to learn their language. i hope soon i will make it!

Dana Ruth

Posted 6 years ago

Konnichiwa! I'm Dana from Philippines. I love learning different languages and Nihongo is one of them. 


Posted 6 years ago

Goob noon! Mayushi here! ^^ I wanna learn Nihinggo so badly because I love Watching Anime and listening to j-pop. I wanna watch Anime without subtitles soon and be able to translate the Japanese songs that i listen to on my own. :)