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Introduce Yourself Here!

Posted by Taylor 7 years ago

Posted 2 years ago

Hello! I'm called Daninokuni by anyone who want to talk with me (Not too many people)

I'm not even an English speaker, but I'm here to do my best and write my future.

These are my motivations: If I learn Japanese, I will be able to enjoy any game and any anime show without bareers. As a translator, there isn't a better way to make happy money than learning Japanase and being an English-Japanese (to Spanish) translator. Ah, yes, I'm Spanish, so please don't be so cruel with my mistakes.


See ya!


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Hi! My name is Vinn and I'm 12 years old! I just made this account because the JLPT N5 test in my country will start 3 more days and somehow, I still didn't get the mood to actually study all the materials. My sensei forced me to do the JLPT N5 idk why. All the materials that will be in the test was about 25 chapters on my minna no nihongo book and I'm still in chapter 14 but oh well .-.


Posted 2 years ago

konnichiwa, Watashi wa kyatsuriin desu. Philippines desu. Jukyu ni sunde imasu. Nihongo ga omoshiroi to omoimasu. ^_^   Im so happy to have found  this site, acutually our school have foreign language and IT student required to take it.


Posted 2 years ago

hi i am mai frome egypt nice to meet you all 



Posted 2 years ago

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Posted 11 months ago

I used to be a member back in 2013. I studied quite a bit, but eventually fell out. I've tried other languages, but this is the only one I enjoy and NihongoMaster is so much more effective than other language apps. So I'm back and hopefully here to stay. 


Posted 11 months ago


konnichi wa , i am Reina i come from suda , i speak arabic as a native and i also speak english spanish portuguese , now am interested in nihongo. i would really like to know how kanji wors and handle it like a 5 star sammurai warior becaus eit is indeed an interesting way of writing and conveying info (omoshiroooi), iw oukd like to know more learning partners too because i believe in the power of actually making mistakes and learning from them , and also the help of others, please conact me or write me i am not sure exactly how the website works but this seems like a cool community, also for the sake of making new amazing friends, yoroshiku onegaishimasu